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We offer our clients a 24-hour telephone or e-mail service, for sales or parts needed by our clients, day or night. As well  as getting a top notch diesel, hydraulic or mechanical technician to help diagnose your problem over the phone, we have several dozens of parts, maintenance with several dozens of owners repair manuals, parts books and the experience to have your mechanical tech. complete repair or resolve the problem himself within 24-hrs. and if parts are needed any where in the world, we can general deliver in stock parts within 24-72 hrs. to our customer.
Click here to see our  Main Menu of products,  and choose here for our Free Registration to our Data Base and this is the  List of Equipment and Materials  that we sell. For a list of equipment or materials that are  Needed Now  by Contractors/Dealers/Brokers, or that are  Just In to the site  Jobsite ready and ready to Sell !  Find more  Information  about our services and why you should choose Ingram Equipment Company over the rest.
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We have created an "International Data Base Service" that specializes in locating New or Used pile driving equipment and other related materials, For Sale, Rent or Lease, around the World. We will accept photo's from your postal carrier and edit them if needed prior to placing your equipment up for sale. Obviously we can advertise your equipment or related materials and accessories much quicker, if they are e-mailed to us in an editable format like but not limited to, jpg, gif, bmp, png picture files. Please mention any/all new or used parts like (piston, rings, cylinders, fuel pumps, etc...) that you will include in the sale. We will also accept doc, docx, wps, txt, htm, html or Microsoft files but we do not support pdf files. When we receive your photographs, certificates or hand typed report by you, we can offer to sell your pile driving related, materials, accessories and equipment on our website at no cost to you. We will strictly act as a broker and our commission is built into the advertised price. That's right, we can use your pictures, video files like mpeg and reports to advertise/sell your equipment for you, at no cost to you, none !

It takes only 1-2 minutes maximum, to complete our "database registration form" for "Free" !!!  Please register in our "PRIVATE DATABASE". We do not share, rent, lease, sell, trade or any other means of allowing others to use your information. We do not want any other information than you want to share. I will point out, should you ever want a phone call, letter, e-mail or phone call from us, I would suggest the Basic information be supplied. Most clients want to know how much will freight cost if they buy your equipment. This is why we would need your address. If I have someone interested in buying your equipment, you might want to have your e-mail, office phone or if you are on the go a lot, your cell phone number  

We can also show pictures of your equipment for as long as you want or until it sells for free !  Acting as an equipment broker, we will build our commission into the final sale price, no hidden charges or fee's after the sale. We have been assisting contractors, dealers, brokers around the world since 1989, by resolving their immediate needs today!  We offer new & used, pile driving equipment, diesel, air & hydraulic, hammers, drills, augers, vibratory drivers/extractors, barges, tug & push boats, truck & crawler cranes, steel beams, pipe & pipe sheet piling, new/used parts & accessories.  



Website  List

  1. Piston rings for sale. New Piston Rings, 2-Piece Cushion Rings, Catch Rings and Guide Rings for Delmag and Kobe Pile Hammers.

  2. Cranes and Pile driving Rigs, Link Belt, American Hoist, Manitowoc, Grove, P & H, Hitachi, Lima, Junttan etc...

  3. Barges as Large as 72' x 430' x 31', Truckable, Tug Boats, single or twin engine, We also build sectional barges.

  4. Steel piles, Sheet, H-Beams, I-Beams, Pipe and Rail Road Tracks.

  5. Leads - American Style, Box Leads or European Style, Pipe Leads.

  6. Pile hammers for Sale ( Diesel, Air/Steam and Hydraulic ).

  7. Vibro's, Hydraulic Vibratory Pile Drivers/Extractors.

  8. Misc. items, New and Good Used Equipment, all the steel sheet piling you can sell me.

  9. Port. Compressors and Generators for Sale.

  10. Drills and Augers, Hydraulic or Air.



Wanted Now !!!

Buying, Selling, Trading, Steel Sheet Piles, Name Brand Sectional Barges, complete working, non-working, broken, cracked or missing parts, APE, Banut, BSP, Conmaco, Delmag, HPSI, Hera, ICE, IHC, J&M, Junttan, Kobe, MKT, PTC, PVE, Vulcan, Hydraulic, Diesel, Pneumatic pile hammers, Vibratory Driver/Extractor, Top Drills w/3" hollow stem augers & cutter-heads, pistons, anvils, upper & lower cylinders, fuel pumps, around the world !!!


The most common types of equipment are Diesel Pile Hammers, Hydraulic Impact Hammers, Hydraulic Vibratory Drivers/Extractors, Air/Steam Hammers, Air/Steam Extractors, Hydraulic and Air Auger Drills, Cranes, Barges, Tugs and related materials such as Steel Pipe piles, Caissons, H-Beams, I-Beams, Timber piles, Steel, Vinyl and Aluminum sheet piles, hammer and piling cushion materials, spare parts and accessories.

The Equipment in our Data Base is most commonly used in the construction of, or in conjunction with, the driving or extracting of piles made of steel, cement, wood and vinyl for Bridges, Coffer Dams, Docks, Piers, Wharfs, Fish, Retention and Irrigation Ponds, Channels and Locks, Underwater Cable & Conductors, Land Based Oil and Gas drilling, as well as, Offshore Oil, Fuel and Gas Platforms, Sea-Walls, Caissons, Tunnels, High Rise foundations and Auger Cast in place for Commercial and Residential foundations.

Our New/Used Equipment Network Data Base is used by Contractors, Engineers, Estimators, Project Managers, Insurance Adjusters, City, County, State and Foreign Governments, Townships, Municipalities, Dealers and Brokers of heavy equipment. We have had Real Estate & Financial Investors for projects overseas as well as Banks/Leasing Lenders and Insurance companies.

We can assist you with Appraisals for Insurance Claims, on your pile driving equipment or just to let you know what your equipment is worth at an Auction or to a Wholesale or Retail user. It will assist them in locating specific Equipment for their projects and even show them pictures of the equipment before they travel to inspect it.



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