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All Items below are either New, Rebuilt or Good Used.
All new and rebuilt items have a Warranty.


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The webpage back-ups that I did have were at least  5 - 6  years old.  I would like to apologize for any inconveniences that I may have caused you or your company.

Those of you that know me, know I strive for perfect customer service. You also know it pain's me deeply, to publicly admit my unprofessional services in this matter.



Wanted, New or Used, Steel Sheet Piling  !!!

Cold and Hot rolled USA as well as Foreign steel !!!



Buying now, all working and non-working, whole hammers,

 Kobe, Delmag, ICE, Vulcan, Spare Parts hammers.  

Whole Parts Hammers, pistons, anvils, upper & lower cylinders, fuel pumps, Lead Guides. Alaska, Africa, Canada, Caribbean, North America, South America, Central America,    Nigeria, Mexico, Gold Coast, U.A.E.

Australia, New Zealand, India, Argentina, Chile, Columbia Belize, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Honduras, Malaysia, Venezuela, Vietnam, Peru, Hati, Guam, Cuba.

My Son Michael "Shawn" Ingram, manages our pile driving Materials Page for the Ingram Equipment Company.

All Steel sheet piling, H-beams, pipe and timber should be handled by Michael "Shawn" Ingram at 


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Buying now, all working and non-working, whole hammers,

 Kobe, Delmag, ICE, MKT, Vulcan, Spare Parts hammers. 

Whole Parts Hammers, pistons, anvils, upper & lower cylinders,

 fuel pumps, we sell Original Delmag Hammer, new parts, as well as Original Kobe Hammer, new parts !


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