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These are items that are needed now, on a regular basis or that
are purchased regularly, if a steal comes along.


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  1. Barges
  2. Compressors
  3. Cranes
  4. Drills
  5. Financing
  6. Freights
  7. Generators
  8. Hammers
  9. Insurance
  10. Leads
  11. Piling
  12. New Remanufactured, Good Used spare parts and equipment 
  13. Steel new or used pipe piles, H-beams and sheet piles.
  14. Vibratory Driver/Extractors
  15. Other




1993 Manitowoc 4100-SII Ringer Mounted on a 1975 Deck Barge 260'x74'x14' Equipped as follows: Manitowoc 4100-SII (230 ton-300 ton w/Ringer) Crawler S/N 41894 36' Ringer Attachment with 300' of #27 Boom 4100 SIII Ring Attachment and Traveling Powered Crawler 260' of #22C Boom 60' of #123 Jib Independent Swing, Travel & Boom Hoist Full Range VICON Controls Mounted on: 1975 Deck Barge 260'x74'x14' U.S. Flag, Owner's spent $500K in 2002 to have Ringer Foundation installed but elected not to reinstate ABS class. (2) 70' Spuds and (3) Internal Spud Wells Self-Ballasting System - (8) Compartments powered by GM 8-71 Manitowoc Model 290 3-Drum Deck Winch






Needed Now !!!
  1. 2 (two), Link Belt 108-B cranes, in G.Cond. for South America, NOW !!!
  2. Needed , "Stiff Leg" Crane with a 300-400 ton capacity, URGENTLY, NOW !!!
  3. 1980 or Newer Manitowoc 4100 series II Crawler cranes client Asia, prefer 3-drums for pile driving.
  4. 1988 or Newer 45-Ton to 160-Ton Crawler cranes for export to Asia, prefer 3-drums for pile driving.
  5. Wanted 18-Ton - 60-Ton, RT or AT cranes, Dead or Alive, for Southeastern USA.
  6. Wanted (2) 20-Ton - 30-Ton, RT or AT cranes for yard use in Southeastern USA.
  7. Wanted late model (1988-1995) 45-Ton crawlers
  8. B.E. 88-B Heavy Duty, Lima/Clark 2400 or comparable for Clam Shell work.
  9. Wanted old but sound LS-78 crawler. (1960's-1988), Mississippi, Louisiana area.
  10. Power load lowering unit for an American 999.
  11. Manitowoc 2900 wvc-vicon. Customer not sure of wvc.
  12. Manitowoc 3900, 4100 with vicon on each.


  1. Wanted now for June Job. HPSI 20/30 or comparable with Hollow stem and or grout swivel for pumping concrete in as you back out.


  1. Client (Equipment Broker), needs short term loans with an L/C from his customer. He has clients that want to buy his used and new equipment, but they will only pay with an L/C once the ship sails for buyers port. Amounts between $20,000 - $250,000 US-$ for about 30-60 days. Clients credit Excellent but never borrowed before.




All IHC hydraulic impact S series hammers, power packs, hoses and computers.


Wanted now Box Style Leads.

  1. 130 feet of 32" x 8" Box Style Leads, must be in Good - Very Good Condition.
  2. 100 feet of ICE/L. B. Foster 32"x 8" Box leads and 100 feet of 26"x 8" Box leads.
  3. Any Major Manufacturers leads are needed all summer long.


  1. Wanted, good to very good, PZ-27 or comparable Sheet Piles, USA only.
  2. Wanted, good to very good, 12" - 14", H-Beams for USA only.
  3. Wanted for export, 48" diameter spiral weld pipe, 40 feet long with a .380 wall. amount required for the job is 500-Tons, 5L-grade B, #42 ASTMA ?

Remanufacturing of Parts and Equipment

Dear Sirs,
   We want the following spare part for our Kobelco ( Kobe ) K-25 diesel pile hammer, upper cylinder, fuel pump, serial K-25-l08ll00.
Please advise if you can deliver to us a new one and what is the price CIF Port in West Africa.

Wanted D-30 piston in very good condition.



  1. Wanted, Scrap steel for export, Ships, Barges, Equipment, Rail-Road tracks etc. for Export.

Vibratory Driver/Extractors

  1. An ICE-223 or ICE-216, pref. 250 H.P. Power/Pack is needed for client now !


  1. I Have a Client looking for 10-new Diesel Cummins or Cat Engines each month to build his own power packs. Please fax specs to 904-262-8425 on engines you can supply.
  2. Storage yard in L.A. California or near there. Yard needs to have a crane and or a forklift to unload equipment like Pile Hammers. Access to a rail head would be nice.


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