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If you are interested in buying, selling or leasing any Augers or Drills, we ask that you fill out our free Registration Form. Below there are some names and manufacturers of Drills & Augers that we deal with.

If you can't find the manufacturer, model, style of drill or auger that you are looking for, please complete our registration form. It is a short form (it only takes 1-2 minutes) and we will be glad to assist you. 

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List of Drills and Augers drills for Sale.
  1. 1984 MVE HA-36 Hydraulic Auger drill system, low hours, less than 2,000 hrs, 36,000 ft.lbs. of torque.		$ 34,290.00
  2. 1987 ICE 50-55 Hydraulic auger drill with hoses, very good condition.					$ 34,750.00
  3. 2000, ICE 30-60 (30,000 ft.lbs. of torque) Hydraulic Auger drill, hoses, excellent condition, without power pack.	$ 43,650.00
  4. 1992, HPSI H-10, (30,000 ft.lbs. of torque) Hydraulic Auger drill, hoses and power pack, very good condition.	$ 58,400.00


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