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Please Excuse the Mess. Our Website Server & Provider failed to keep our website backed-up, as did I. I am presently trying to update the website and the design.

The webpage back-ups that I did have were at least  5 - 6  years old.  I would like to apologize for any inconveniences that I may have caused you or your company.

Those of you that know me, know I strive for perfect customer service. You also know it pain's me deeply, to publicly admit my unprofessional services in this matter.



Hello, I was forced to deal with Erich today even though my computer problems had been bumped up to severaty Ė 8. Erich refused to give me his name, talk to his mgr. or supervisor. He also didnít record the easy assist  session. This would tel me one of two things were the cause, 1-none of the computers and or software have the ability for one reason or another and I will be contacting Microsoft in Redmond, Wa. or 2-Erich and a few others that I know donít think they have to because their so smart or they frequently run into (CUSTOMERS !!!  The only reason he has a job anyway) or he and the rest of them like NEETA, screw up someone's computer and they donít want that seen by anyone so they donít record. By now the customer is really pissed like me, and they hang up on the CUSTOMER, thinking they were smart and got away with it.

 Lee Hoselton (VMC Consulting Corporation)  Redmond, Wa. had the good sense to move a customer from frontline techs, to that for 2-days could not only  totally blew up my MS Office 2007, Internet Explorer, Front Page 2003 and elements of Windows 7, a manager actually got involved V-2JGIB, he wasn't on a break and he wasn't in a meeting and if he was, he put the customer first, got up off his ass and managed to tell a tech Tagan case# 115 494 592  to take over. Everything went great until we ran into the Front Page 2003 error message that wouldn't allow us to finish reinstalling Office and Outlook 2007. Trained chimpanzees' could do a better job that the Customer service people who decide where to send you. They let the Chimpanzee spin  Abdul around in a chair and the group that he is pointing at when he is done spinning, is the group you get. It doesn't matter if you have outlook 2007 issues, and you get Win-7, tough crap you must work for an hour, before they will transfer you to a outlook 2007 frontline tech, even though he saw you have been moved up to a Severity-8 level. This supposedly shows all techs. managers and supervisors that you are a priority and it has been decided by Microsoft that their customers should be treated quicker than 2-days (18-hrs.) 12-hrs. of which were phone calls and Easy Assist. When I told the techs about Severity - 8 level attention, the techs acted like they had no clue as to what I was talking about and would hang up on me because I wanted a mgr. they would transfer me to the wrong groups. THIS IS WHAT SEVERITY 8 MEANS TO INDIAN TECHS AND THE PHILIPPINE TECHS, who definitely are more polite.

This is one of the MAJOR reasons US Jobs left the country, plus the kick backs to Microsoft for bringing wealth and technology to other parts of the world that didn't have it. Why didn't Microsoft just give the technologies, to Afghanistan, China (Oh wait, that is being done) I would love to see Africa get the technology wouldn't you.

We battled with Japan, helped them financially, technologically and what happened to Japan in the economic and technological race. China has slave labor so they make everything cheap. They mix their toxins with paints, stains, clays and paint and ship the poisons back to our children, constantly and what punishment do they get. Look at Vietnam, they are growing and getting lots of money from the US and our businesses. Why is KRAFT pumping Millions of dollars to Vietnam?


We Have a Network Database to Buy, Sell and Lease Pile Driving equipment along with other closely associated equipment and materials.
This New/Used Equipment Network Data Base will be used by Brokers Contractors, Dealers, Engineers, Estimators and Project Managers.
We can assist yo
u with Appraisals of your pile driving equipment for
Insurance Claims or just to let you know what your equipment is worth at an Auction or to a Wholesale or Retail user. It will assist them in locating specific Equipment for their projects and even show them pictures of the equipment before they travel to inspect it.

The Equipment in our Data Base is most commonly used in the construction of or in conjunction with the Driving or Extracting of Piles made of Cement, Wood and Steel for Bridges, Coffer Dams, Docks, Piers, Wharfs, Ponds, Channels and Locks, Conductors, Land Based, Oil and Water Well Pipe Driving, Offshore Oil and Gas Rig Platforms, Sea-Walls, Caissons, Tunnels, High Rise and Auger Cast in place Residential Foundation Construction.

This INTERNATIONAL Data Base Specializes in Locating New and Used Pile Driving Equipment for Sale, Rent or Lease. The most common types of Equipment are Diesel Pile Hammers, Hydraulic Vibratory Drivers and Extractors, Hydraulic and or Air/Steam Impact Hammers and Auger Drills, Cranes, Barges, Tugs and Related Materials such as Steel Pipe piles, Caissons, H-Beams, I-Beams and Sheet Piles.

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Countries Presently Serviced

U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, South & Central America, Caribbean Islands, Most of Western Europe, Parts of The Mid-East and Asia.
We are presently looking for Brokers/Dealers/Contractors in all countries but specifically in Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Cuba, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and all off Russia/USSR etc.

If you would like to become a member of the largest New/Used Pile Driving Equipment Network, please complete this Form, for your FREE Membership, under Links inside Ingram Equipment Company.
Ask about becoming one of our New Replacement Parts distributor in your Country.

New and Used Equipment Broker Services, Buy/Sell

For at Least the Calendar Year of 1996, You can use our service for *FREE as many times as you Wish !
This will most likely remain a FREE service to the Network Members until the year 2099.
We will locate any Pile Driving Related equipment for you or your company at no cost to you from our NETWORK DATA BASE, it's completely *FREE !!!
If you wish to Buy or Sell Used Pile Driving Equipment or if you just want to Register any Pile Driving Equipment with our Network Data Base at *NO Cost to you, please click on the highlighted word FORM below.
Forms for Free Membership to our Computer Network Data Base Service for Contractors, Brokers, Dealers. Your surplus equipment and materials can be entered into our Data Base for the Rest of the World to use for *FREE. Our *FREE Network Data Service will have your surplus equipment available along with our other Members Equipment at No Cost to you or your company.

Equipment Rentals and Leases With Options To Buy

Since we have such a good relationship with so many Dealers and Contractors and they have so much equipment standing idle at different times during the year. We can offer you pile driving equipment at discounted prices much of the time.
As for Leases with Options to Buy, we have Dealers and Contractors willing to Lease their equipment to Qualified Buyers in many cases.
We also have lending institutions that will set up Leases for the purchases of New or Used equipment.
Example, 2-IHC model S-70 Hydraulic Impact Hammers W/P-Pack, Hoses, Printer and Computer for rent or lease at less than anyone else in the WORLD. Also available for rent or lease is a Delmag D-80-22 and a Delmag D-100-22.
Rental and Lease Forms are below.

"New Replacement Parts" Like Piston Rings, Catch Rings, Guide Rings, 2-piece Cushion Rings and Replacement Cylinder Sleeves for Delmag and Kobe Hammers

These parts have a 90-Day Warranty against Failure, Fatigue, Material and Workmanship.
We have such high standards for our Piston Rings and other parts, that we believe the SGS Libratory Reports couldn't tell the difference between our New Replacement Parts and the Original Manufacturers Parts, or that our standards will surpass the original manufactures design or parts. We are selling these Piston Rings, Catch Rings and 2-piece Cushion Rings etc, at nearly 25% off of the Dealers List Price to our Distributors and nearly 15% off of the Dealers List Price to our contractors and other customers here in the USA.
We are now looking for Distributors for our New Replacement Parts in many countries. If you are selected to represent us in your country, you will have the whole country as long as you can "SERVICE" the whole country.
Click here to see our New Prices for Rings
For a Free Quote on Costs and Availability of Used Pile Driving Equipment From Ingram Equipment Company or any of our Network Data Base Members, complete the proper Registration Form below, and Click on the send button.
Register to become a Protected Distributor of our New Replacement Parts for Delmag, and Kobe hammer parts. Soon we hope, will be offering other piston rings for the other Diesel and Air/Steam pile hammers.

We assist you with Appraisals for Insurance Claims and other purposes.

Ingram Equipment Company has several years of experience in PILE DRIVING and other Related equipment. Our experience in the Foundation Equipment Industry has been restricted to Pile Hammers (Hydraulic, Diesel, Air & Steam) for both Above and Below water applications, Hydraulic and Air Auger Drills and Vibratory Drivers and Extractors.
Since many of our contractors have Cranes, Barges, and other Dirt moving equipment we know something about them but Pile Hammers are what we do.
Pile Hammers are a Specialty Piece of Equipment, needed by Contractors that install many different types of foundations in use throughout the World. They are used for foundations as small as the house next door or the Sky Scraper in town, to the offshore oil rigs in the many oceans and as far underwater as they can drive.

Since your Pile Equipment is Special, make sure you get it appraised as such. Pile Driving equipment prices have changed drastically in the past 10 years. Make sure that your not over insured or underinsured. It is also wise to know the Present Values of used equipment before going to an Auction or purchasing equipment from other sources.
It is also important to know what the industry is doing at the present time so that you take full advantage of a rise in the market or jump out of a piece of equipment when the manufacturer is planning on a FIRE SALE. Don't get caught holding a piece of equipment for a few thousand dollars more, when our information indicates that it is ready to become an artifact over night.
On the other hand,
Just because you haven't used that old Pile Hammer in the back 40, under a pile of old farm equipment in 10 years, doesn't mean it's not worth anything. When applying to banks for considerations for a loan, use ANY and ALL assets that you have. I gave a contractor over a $25,000 value on an old , froze up piston Delmag diesel hammer. As a parts hammer it was worth more than if it ran well. So don't sell yourself or your equipment short, just because YOU didn't know the TRUE value of your "junk".
Remember "One mans Junk, is another Mans Treasure".
Ingram Equipment Company, Brokers hammers around the world and has an up to date Auction, Wholesale, Spare Parts and Retail value of almost all pile equipment in the world. We can usually be ready to travel within 48-hrs to any country. We can also make Video records of your equipment and expect soon, to have the single largest Video and Picture library of New and Used equipment in the world.
For more information about our Appraisal service or Inventory recordings call Mike Ingram at Ingram Equipment Company at 904-262-3660, Fax is 904-262-8425 or click on our Free Registration Form and fill it out.


To complete the Registration Form for Free Membership, Pictures, Quotations, Appraisals

of your Equipment from the Ingram Equipment Co. Network Data Base

click the Forms button below:


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